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2 Mega Winners, 1 Big Loser

13 November 2002

OLYMPIA, Washington -- As reported by the Seattle Times: ``As Dick and Pat Warren moved what they thought could be a $93 million lottery ticket from under the John Wayne refrigerator magnet to a hiding place in one of Pat's too-many-to-count books, a cross-dressing grifter in Tacoma was claiming to be the big winner and shopping for a Hummer to drive to Olympia to claim the jackpot.

``Yesterday afternoon, the Warrens of Hoquiam were officially declared Washington's first winners in the multi-state Mega Millions lottery game.

``At the same time, Hillary Walls, 27, of Lakewood, Pierce County, was being bailed out of jail where he had been booked on theft and forgery warrants.

``So ended three-plus days of anxiety, doubt and strained patience for the real winners.

``...But there was also a TV story about a woman in Tacoma claiming to be the winner and shown shopping for a Harley and a $100,000 Humvee.

``Walls had contacted a TV station claiming to be the winner and was put in touch with lottery director Tony Molica.

```I had a couple of conversations with that individual, but no ticket was presented here,' Molica said.

``Walls showed up on TV Monday night shopping for a car at a Tacoma Cadillac dealer.

``Detectives recognized Walls as a con artist with a record of forgery and theft convictions, according to Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer. They were automatically suspicious..."

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