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$85 Million Richer?

3 February 2003

CALIFORNIA – As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle: ``Carole Warner said Friday that she won $85 million in the California Lottery but isn't sure if she will claim the money.

``That's if she can find the ticket.

``The Benicia resident said she doesn't want the cash -- and a trailing pack of instant friends, long-lost relatives and hangers-on to disturb her family's "simple" life.

``Warner said she had last seen the ticket shortly after the Wednesday night drawing of the SuperLotto Plus numbers.

``…"I can't find my ticket," the 44-year-old Costco employee said Friday night outside the apartment she shares with her husband, Steve, and their 10-year- old son. "We've been looking all over for it."

``…Even if she finds the lucky ducat, Warner said, she doesn't know if she'll keep it. Money changes things. And she doesn't want to be changed.

``…While everybody talks about what they would do if they won the lottery, Warner said, "It's a lot different story when it actually goes down. It's overwhelming."

``…Refusing a jackpot would be a first in California…"

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