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$10 Million Winner Feeling 'Bulletproof'

16 April 2001

NEW YORK -- April 16, 2001 -- As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constituion: ``It's a day America has traditionally set aside to lose money. In a way, it was no different for Stephen Fowler of Sandy Springs, Georgia

``He had to pay the IRS about $350 in taxes.

``Lucky for him, that was offset by the $10 million he won this morning as the big winner of the sweepstakes.

```I was speechless, numb; I didn't know what to say, ' said Fowler. `Then somebody asked me how I felt. I said, 'I feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof.'"

``…He had a $400,000 check in his pocket, a TV crew in tow and the address of a Jaguar dealership. "I think I'm going to buy my dream car," he said.

``Then he planned to go shopping at Versace and swing by St. Patrick's Cathedral "to say 'thank you God'," he said.

``…Fowler says he plans to keep his job, returning to the office Thursday. "I called the office to tell them I won, but I couldn't reach anybody," he said. His first call was to his mother.

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