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Articles by Narciso   Baldo
Articles by Narciso Baldo

Top 10 strategies to beat poker regulars

14 September 2020
If you’re a strong, winning player, you already know how to beat “fishes” and maybe even intermediate players, too. But, lurking at most poker tables are “regs,” those players who sit and grind hours on end.The general consensus among winning poker players is that these are not the players you will make lots of money playing more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Taking Down Place Bet of 6 or 8

13 September 2020
QUESTION: Is there a right time to take down your place bets on 6 and 8 in craps?I always leave my up until I win or lose. But I know these guys who are always taking their bets up and down. One takes his down whenever the shooter makes a point, even if it doesn’t affect his place more
Articles by John  Marchel

Comps for Keno

12 September 2020
Most of us know that keno is a game of chance. The fact is most of the games in today’s casino are also pure chance with the exception of blackjack, poker, video poker, sports betting and horse racing.Still playing the other games like slots or baccarat / mini-baccarat you can get comps in a more
Articles by Dan  Ippolito
Articles by Dan Ippolito

Casino City’s Friday Five: NFL and WSOP edition

11 September 2020
Last night, the 2020 NFL season began with the Kansas City Chiefs’ commanding win over the Houston Texans, 34-20. If you took the Chiefs, who were a nine-point favorite on Intertops Sportsbook, you started the NFL betting season on the right more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Soft 17: Hit or Stand?

10 September 2020
There are times blackjack basic strategy plays don’t feel right, but they remain the best way to go.I recently had an extended email conversation with a player who called himself Acie. I have no idea if that’s real name or a gamblin’ moniker.Acie’s four emails boiled down to this:“I mostly play basic strategy, but some plays I don’t agree more
Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: Are real slot machines gone forever and only video game machines are the future?

9 September 2020
Question: Are real slot machines gone forever and only video game machines are the future? Answer: When you enter any casino today, you see a sea of video slot machines as far as the eye can see. It may seem like real reel slot machines are gone, but many (most) casinos still have some on their slot more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete

Hypnotism of Slots

8 September 2020
I enjoy going to the casinos during the weekdays, especially if I am trying to solve a problem about which I’ve been thinking.This latest trip I decided to test a theory I have about slot players and their mental machinations while engaging in their favorite more
Articles by Gary  Trask
Articles by Gary Trask

Top 10 NFL betting tips and picks for the 2020 season

7 September 2020
OK, I’ll admit it: Betting on the NFL in the midst of a global pandemic scares the bleep out of me.Putting your hard-earned cash at risk and attempting to predict the unpredictable during the five-month NFL roller-coaster-of-a-season is difficult enough under “normal” more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Reel Spins

6 September 2020
QUESTION: Does it help at all if I alter my timing in spinning the slot reels? I feel myself getting in patterns where I hit the button in the same rhythm time after time. Would it change things if every so often I took a sip of water or skipped a beat to watch the player next to me for a spin or two, or looked around to see if I could spot the cocktail waitress?ANSWER: Would it change things? more
Articles by Jerry  Stickman
Articles by Jerry Stickman

Pressing Craps Bets

5 September 2020
The game of craps is exciting. It is a social game where players root for other players.The game of craps provides lots of action. There are many different bets and multiple bets can be made at the same time. Some of the bets have a low house more

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