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Top-10 reasons to try gambling online right now....

27 July 2009

Late last week, we asked some of our Casino City peeps to chime in and share why they'd rather be playing at online casino instead of doing whatever it was they were supposed to be doing at the moment. The resulting list is below.

10. It beats the lottery
Seriously. The lottery has to be one of the most boring forms of entertainment know to man. You go to the store and buy some lottery tickets. Then you go home and wait to see if you won. That's it. Where's the fun? Where's the excitement? Skip the lottery and head straight to the nearest online casino. It just has to be more fun than the lottery.

9. Your favorite team sucks
Watching your favorite sports team lose a big game is lousy. But hey, at least they made the big game. Watching your favorite team lose game after game -- well, that's just painful. And for most sports fans that's the situation they're in. The winning, or ability to win, is concentrated in the hands of a few teams. That's where online gambling comes in. It beats watching the Mets (ahem!) lose again. The emotional frustrations might be the same. But at least you have a chance to win some money.

8. The weather sucks
Depending on where you are, it's too hot, too cold or too rainy to be doing anything productive right now. And with reruns on TV your entertainment options are limited. Might as well gamble online and have some fun.

7. Can't find a good podcast
It's not like Bill Simmons puts out a podcast every day. There are a handful of good podcasts on politics and culture, but they're not posted daily, so no help there. And face it, most of us have listened to everything on our mp3 players over and over again. On the other hand, the online casino is always open, with fun to be had.

6. Live gambling is rigged
OK. Maybe it's not rigged. In fact, we're pretty sure it's not rigged. But have you seen the bad beats some poker players take at casinos. Dennis Phillips goes all in with ace-king suited at the World Series of Poker Main Event. His opponent his all in with ace-king suited. You're thinking chop, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Phillips lost when his opponent hit a flush on the river. Time to play online.

5. Tirades aren't cute
Let's say the you're playing blackjack at the casino, and you stand with 20. The dealer has a three a four showing and you think you're all right. Then the dealer flips over the hole card and reveals a face card. OK. You still like your chances. Dealer hits and gets a two to total 15. You're still in good shape. Dealer hits again and gets an ace for 16. Hot dog, you're going to win now. You can just feel it. Then the dealer spikes a 6 to get 21. What do you do? You can't yell at the dealer -- that will get you kicked out of the casino. But you can yell at your computer, especially in the privacy of your own home. That's why you'd rather be playing online right now....

4. Bunny slippers
Going out on the town takes effort. You have shower, get dressed, find a place to go, talk your friends into going and brave driving/public transportation to get there. Or you could stay at home in your bunny slippers, pay the same out of money you would have at the clubs, and have some fun at an online casino.

3. No clicking poker chips
Poker players know all about this. When a bunch of players start "shuffling" their chips, it gets loud in a hurry. That's why most casinos need a good sound system, complete with a microphone, to tell players that a seat is available in the poker room. Without it, the players would never hear them, even though the room isn't that big. That's because the clicking of the chips is so loud, that's practically the only thing you can hear in the room. You don't have to worry about hurting years when you play online. You can just focus on the cards -- and your winnings.

2. Annoy your significant other
It's OK to admit it -- people occasionally look for ways to annoy their significant other -- and entertain themselves in the process. And what better way to ignore some pestering or nagging than by gambling online? Of course, you can always argue that you're doing it for them. "I'm just trying to win money for that cruise you want to go on....."

1. It's more fun than everything else on your to do list
Seriously. Why do you think they put Solitaire and Hearts on every computer? Millions of people have wasted time playing those games because everything else they have to do at the moment is boring or tedious. Playing at an online casino serves the same purpose, but it's more fun.

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