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Top-10 Heads-Up Championship moments

23 February 2009

With the National Heads-Up Championship just weeks away, we thought it would be fun to take a look at our 10 favorite moments from this popular event.

10. Barry Greenstein kisses Shannon Elizabeth

O.K. So this really wasn't a poker moment. But it gave many poker players some hope.

9. Clonie Gowen vs. Michael Mizrachi

Clonie Gowen thought she won when she hit her flush on the river. But the river gave Mizrachi a full house. Whoops. (7:25 in)

8. Hershiser takes down Cunningham

The former World Series (baseball) MVP takes down Allen Cunningham and gets Cunningham's signature on his baseball/card protector. (3:30 in)

7. Shannon Elizabeth beats Barry Greenstein

Greenstein, to his credit, takes it well. Maybe he was hoping for another kiss. (5:13 in)

6. Doyle Brunson eliminates Erick Lindgren

It's always fun to see two great players go after it on the felt. And it's especially nice to watch Texas Dolly walk away with the win.

5. Wasicka beats Brown

Paul Wasicka ended Elizabeth's Cinderella run, and then he knocked out popular pro chad Brown for the title in 2007.

4. Ferguson draws Hellmuth's ire

Phil Hellmuth went on to win this match 2-1, but this bad beat left him steaming, and ranting at Chris Ferguson.

3. Negreanu sucks out on Matusow

This is a classic clip, from the draw that paired Mike "the Mouth" Matusow and Daniel Negreanu to the sick -- if not unexpected -- bad beat that Matusow endures.

2. Chris Ferguson comes back to beat Andy Bloch

A miracle comeback for Jesus as he rallies from 1-0 to take home the crown.

1. Hellmuth vs. Durrr

You just have to watch this one.

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