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The Reel Life: Drinking and driving on the high seas edition

17 December 2013

There aren't many offenses more dangerous and irresponsible than drinking and driving. But drinking and driving a tank ship filled with 15,000 tons of flammable toxins certainly fits the bill.

The Swedish coast guard apprehended a captain Monday for doing just that. The captain was manning the tanker Stenberg, a 144x23 meter vessel on its way to Stenungsund from Latvia.

The captain's blood-alcohol level was 1.0 -- five times the legal limit permitted. He was reportedly so dunk that he could not respond to the apprehending officer's attempt to question him.

Meanwhile, the cargo in the ship could have wiped out all of Europe. The ship contained 15,000 tons of naptha, an oil product that can catch fire and cause devastation to nature and wildlife if it leaks. Needless to say, it's a good thing the drunk captain was discovered in time.

The Reel Life supports alcohol consumption and everyone should have a little fun now and then. But not when you're in charge of a fleet of toxic chemicals in the open seas. Stay sober for times like those.

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