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Ritz Target of £1.3 Million Scam

22 March 2004

UNITED KINGDOM – As reported by the UK Mirron: "A hi-tech gang may have taken one of Britain's most exclusive casinos for £1.3million (US$2.4 million) in an amazing sting.

"Two Serbian men and a 'beautiful' Hungarian woman are alleged to have used a laser scanner to predict the spin of a roulette wheel at the Ritz casino in London last week.

"It is claimed the device, hidden in a mobile phone, was linked to a micro-computer which calculated where the ball would drop.

"…On their first visit, the three won £100,000, but they scooped £1,200,000 the following night.

"When the group left the club, they were given £300,000 in cash and a cheque for £900,000.

"But after reviewing tapes from surveillance cameras, the club, which is underneath the Ritz Hotel, called in police.

"…Yesterday, a senior police source said: 'Casinos allow gamblers to place bets during the first three revolutions of the wheel. The three were betting in this narrow window.

"'The device can't predict the exact number, but it does reduce odds from 37-1 to possibly 6-1.'…"

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