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Paddy Power offering odds on Obama assassination

7 November 2008

DUBLIN, Ireland -- As reported by the Irish Independent News: "Bookmaker Paddy Power was last night slated over a bet on which it will pay out should president-elect Barack Obama be assassinated during his first term in office, write Patrick Griffin and Allison Bray.

"A spokesman for the American Embassy described the bet as very offensive and in extremely bad taste.

"The bookmaker is currently offering odds of 12-1, down from 16-1 yesterday morning, that Mr Obama will not finish his first term in office and confirmed it would pay out if he was killed by a sniper's bullet.

"The bookmaker rejected calls to withdraw the controversial offer, claiming it was a nonsense to suggest that their stance could actually encourage anyone to go out and try to kill Mr Obama.

"In Dublin, Shelia Paskman, a spokesman for the American Embassy in Ireland, said last night : 'This is completely inappropriate.'

"But the bookmaker was unrepentant last night, claiming that a number of customers from Ireland and the UK had specifically requested odds on Mr Obama being assassinated and said their current bet would appeal to those people..."

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