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Jackpot 7 at Luck3

23 July 2009

The lottery is one of the few forms of gambling that is practiced worldwide. If you're a lottery fanatic who can't wait to get your fix, go to Luck3 Casino and try out its Jackpot 7 game.

Jackpot 7 couldn't be any easier to play. You use either the numeric pad or your keyboard to enter a number in each of the seven cells that construct a row. You can play up to seven rows at the time, with each row costing $2.

The goal is for your numbers to match up with the numbers randomly generated by the machine, just like the lottery. If you match one number in a row you win 10 cents. If you match two you win $1.10. A match of three wins $5.20. If you match four numbers you win $41.50. If you match five you win $555. Matching six numbers in a row wins you $13,200. If you're lucky enough to match seven, you win a cool $30,000.

If you play more rows, you can win on more combinations. And here's an inside tip: The computer doesn't use the same number twice when churning out a combination.

Jackpot 7 is a fun and easy game that can be quite lucrative if you hit the right set of numbers. So if that Powerball jackpot seems impossible to grasp, head over to Luck3 Casino and take a shot at a different one.

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