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Ex-spouses' Lotto settlement stays unsealed

22 October 2007

MIAMI, Florida -- As reported by the Miami-Herald : "A Miami-Dade judge on Thursday said a settlement agreement between a man and his ex-wife divvying up her lottery fortune should remain an open record.

"The 1997 settlement, which gave Ernest Moore Jr. about $1.15 million of his ex-wife Bernice Heslop's $28.5 million Florida Lotto jackpot, is a crucial part of a new lawsuit filed against Moore.

"Heslop, 62, won the Lotto in 1995, when she and Moore had been separated for five years. She quickly divorced him and then quietly claimed the money. Moore was clueless about his ex-wife's riches for two years, until another man, Marvel Rodriguez, intervened.

"Moore agreed to give Rodriguez 35 percent of whatever money Moore recovered from his ex-wife.

"But now Rodriguez is suing Moore, claiming Moore owes him more..."

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