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Ex-lovers settle fight over lottery win

29 November 2006

VANCOUVER, BC -- As reported by the Vancouver Sun: "Ludmila Konickova hadn't known him long. They'd met 18 weeks earlier through an Internet dating service, but she claims it was a trusting and 'committed relationship.'

"She also claims she gave her 52-year-old boyfriend, Kenneth Garbe, $20 to buy a lottery ticket for the June 2 Super 7 draw, saying she took it on faith he would pass on any winnings.

"The ticket was a $12.4-million winner.

"But Garbe tells a different story about the ticket, saying she has no claim to the money. And he also claims he since found out she was having sex with an 82-year-old man while they were dating -- an allegation she denies.

"Now, the once-happy couple, who split five months ago, have settled a legal dispute over the lottery winnings, cutting short what could have been a bitter and messy legal battle involving love and money.

"...In her legal action, Konickova said she should have received at least $6 million, but since Garbe breached his unwritten contract to share the winnings, she should be entitled to the entire $12.4 million, plus interest.

"...But in the end, the court didn't have to decide the case. Neither Konickova nor her lawyer would discuss Tuesday how much Konickova was paid to settle the civil lawsuit..."

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