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Del Lago says it has paid more than $53 million to municipalities in first year

16 May 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) -- In the 14 months since it opened, officials at the del Lago Resort & Casino on Route 414 say it has paid more than $53 million to the state, the town of Tyre, Seneca County and other area counties.

Casino officials said 80% of the shared gross gaming proceeds go to the state, earmarked for public education.

The town of Tyre, as the host community for the $440 million facility, and Seneca County have each received more than $2.6 million from del Lago. The town and county each received 5% of what del Lago pays the state, while six other counties in Region 5 have divided another $5.3 million.

Casino officials say this is in addition to the $50 million state license fee that the Wilmorite Corporation paid. Of that, Tyre and Seneca County each received $2.5 million and the other counties divided a proportionate share of the $5 million.

The payments were made despite gaming revenue being less than originally projected in the application process.

Casino officials also said that by June, del Lago also will have paid $1.5 million in local property taxes, as well as nearly $100,000 in hotel room occupancy taxes. The latter money goes to the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce, which serves as the county’s tourism promotion agency.

Del Lago Chief Operating Officer Aaron Gomes said the facility has hired more than 1,200 people, another positive economic impact.

“In a little over a year, del Lago’s tax payments have resulted in more than $10 million flowing to local government, allowing them to reduce or hold the line on local property taxes,” Gomes said.

Tyre Supervisor Ron McGreevy said gaming tax revenue received from the casino has significantly lowered town property taxes and allowed the town to begin to repair its aging infrastructure and to begin replacing old highway equipment.

“We are also in talks to expand our small existing water district, bringing municipal water to parts of Tyre that have water quality and quantity issues. We are able to do this because of del Lago,” McGreevy said.

A news release quotes Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Shipley (R-Waterloo) as saying “for the taxpayers of Seneca County, $2.6 million is a lot of money.”

He said the casino also has increased the county’s sales tax revenue, allowing it to rebuild its property tax reduction fund.

“After seeing what del Lago has been able to do in little over a year, the future outlook for our county and the region is looking much brighter,” Shipley said.

Some area businesses also are seeing a significant increase in revenue since the casino and resort opened.

Wilson Press & Mail House in Seneca Falls production manager Steve VanKirk said the company prints del Lago’s collateral pieces, stationery and invitations.

“For more than 65 years, Wilson Press & Mail House has been serving Central New York, and our partnership with del Lago Resort & Casino has truly helped us to up our game in the industry,” VanKirk said. “Our partnership has allowed us to add two new printing machines to ensure an even smoother workflow, which not only benefits del Lago, but all of our current and future customers.”

The casino has 1,956 slot machines and 99 gaming tables, including 14 poker tables. It also features restaurants, a 2,400-person entertainment venue, a spa, local food and beverages and a 205-room hotel.

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