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CNIGA pleased with voting results

7 February 2008

SACRAMENTO, California -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- The member tribes of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) are pleased that voters once again stood with California's tribal governments and supported Propositions 94-97.

"We are extremely grateful that voters rejected this effort by outside third parties who have their own financial and political agendas," said Anthony Miranda, chair of the association. "Props 94-97 were a direct assault on the sovereign right of all tribal governments throughout the country to negotiate gaming compacts on a government-to-government basis as outlined in federal law."

At its August, 2007 membership meeting the association voted unanimously to support Props 94-97. While it is CNIGA policy not to get involved in individual compacts or negotiations, the organization took a position on this matter because the compacts were already approved by the governor, the legislature, and the tribes involved. Overturning compacts that have gone through the appropriate process would have grave consequences for all tribes.

"CNIGA is eager to put this latest attack behind us and for tribes to continue on the road to self-reliance. We hope that all tribes, gaming and non-gaming, are able to economically diversify their economies through gaming and to negotiate compacts the way IGRA intended -- in a respectful government-to-government environment," Miranda said.

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