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City Throws Support to Casinos With No Delay

15 October 2003

MICHIGAN -- As reported by the Muskegon Chronicle: ``Despite pleas to delay action, the Muskegon City Commission passed a resolution of support for casino gambling in the city by a near-unanimous vote Tuesday.

``Although 54 percent of those voting said 'yes' to casinos in a Sept. 9 advisory election, nearly a dozen residents had more to say before the commission voted -- and this time there were more "nays" than "yeas."

``The last word went to David Wendtland, a spokesman for the Archimedes Group LLC, which has plans for a casino complex in downtown Muskegon. Archimedes bore the cost of last month's election and thus, as more than one commissioner pointed out, "put its money where its mouth is."

``With regard to the timing of Tuesday's vote, Wendtland said the supporting resolution need not wait for the outcome of two opposing casino proposals which will appear on city election ballots Nov. 4..."

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