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Chicago Couple Claim $64 Million Jackpot

19 September 2000

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Sept. 19, 2000 – As reported by The Chicago Sun-Times : "Alex Snelius wants a fully loaded, black Lincoln. His wife, Ursula, wants the honeymoon the couple never had. With the $64 million that the Lithuanian immigrants, who live in Burbank, won in the lottery's Big Game, they can afford both.

" …Snelius said the odds looked bad last Tuesday night when the numbers were drawn. He had been watching a baseball game on TV, and the White Sox, his favorite team, were losing. He watched the Lotto show, but he didn't look at the numbers he had played on a $5 Quick Pick.

"`I never look at the tickets,' Snelius said. `She [Ursula] checks the tickets, and I'm so glad she does..

"…`There have been times that we have wished we could help people that helped us in the past,' said Ursula, a homemaker. `It's our turn to help them now. It's fun to give to others.'…"

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