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Cavs owner says casinos won't hurt Ohio business

1 October 2009

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- As reported by NewsChannel5: "A just-released study claims casino gambling in Ohio will actually hurt nearby businesses, but one of casino gambling's biggest backers said that's not true.

"Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, who is behind Issue 3's plan to build four casinos across Ohio, sat down with NewsChannel5's Ron Regan Wednesday.

"Gilbert said a study by the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association claiming competing bars and restaurants would lose customers is all wrong.

"'People will go to dinner before the game, after the game, after the event, before the event. And the other thing is, it's how you build these casinos,' said Gilbert. 'I agree that if you build this thing like a bunker, you put it underground or you do something crazy where it was enclosed and not integrated with the city and there were restaurants inside it, then maybe there would be a case for some of that. But we're going to fully integrate this into the city, make sure traffic flows out of the casino, into the casino...'"

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