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BetUknow reveals secrets

13 February 2008

LONDON, England -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Online Fantasy Betting community BetUknow has today taken step's to unveil some of the secrets that High Street bookies have kept up their sleeves for years. We all know that the bookies have them, they are the favourite bets where money making football teams and sure-fire winners are kept under wraps, but like the 'Magic Circle' those secrets will never be told. Until now!

Zohar Alon, CEO of BetUknow said, "BetUknow gives UK football fans the chance to enjoy the thrill of the bookies without the obvious financial implications, and now we are giving the consumer football fan base a chance to have an inside look at some of the information that we have to hand. "

The info bookies don't want you to know is:

- Games involving West Ham are a nightmare for punters, and absolute heaven for the bookies. The team's erratic performance 'home and away' means that no momentum can be generated, where most punters tend to believe in consistent patterns (positive or negative) of performance.

- In contrast, betting on games involving Everton are where punters can make the most money. Everton are considered to be a predictable performer, playing as expected according to their position in the Premiership table. The attractive odds offered when they are playing a lesser-ranked opponent have made Everton the best bet since the beginning of the season.

- Manchester City Away is one of the worst bets on offer– people believe that the Citizens can take their solid home performances to their away matches – but unfortunately, they don't!

- Likewise, Newcastle at Home is another sore point. The hopes of changing their bad fortunes time after time lead the punters to back Newcastle, especially when playing at home. Unfortunately, these hopes are getting shattered over and over.

BetUknow's community site now has over 2,300 members who are regularly betting their virtual pounds on the Premiership and other European football matches. In total, since its launch two months ago, BetUknow fans have bet over 3,000,000 virtual pounds.

BetUknow has introduced another attractive feature called 'Look @ U', where each member gets a full analysis of his/hers fantasy betting performance. This includes the top teams they correctly predict and generate positive returns on. Comparing a member's personal performance to the community's reveals the situations that they excel in, and it also teaches them to avoid the situations where they consistently fail.

The fans portal is growing rapidly and with the announcement of 'FanLeagues' more and more members are creating their own unique mini-leagues, where they are testing their 'powers of prediction' against friends, family, and colleagues.

"As all the data on our website is collected from our members, we feel that they should have all the access and analysis with all the wisdom it generates. BetUknow members can definitely improve their real world betting performance by visualising and analysing their betting behaviour on the BetUknow website" Mr. Alon added.

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