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APCW Audits: Gala Partners

11 August 2013

Within the past 30 days, the APCW conducted an audit of the Gala Partners tracking software and the Gala Casino player experience. Please note that certain criteria have been kept confidential to preserve the anonymity of the auditing process. Audits are conducted randomly throughout the year and may come at any time. Any potential problems with an audit are discussed with the casino program prior to the posting of the results. Testing was conducted by an auditor who visited Gala Casino via an affiliated link.

Affiliate Tracking

There was no webmaster affiliate tracking issues.
A couple of items to note: It did take over 24 hours for the player to post. It was reported that, Trend Micro Titanium blocks and Gala Casino via an affiliate link, but not Gala Casino directly.

Player Bonus Report

Gala Casino bonus offer

  • 100% Match Bonus

Player Experience Questionaire

The questionnaire below was filled out by the auditor. The questions were designed to obtain information about the player experience.

  • Did you get the bonuses or comps you thought you were supposed to? Yes, have to accept.
  • Was the registration and deposit process quick and easy? Yes
  • Did you contact customer support for any reason? No
  • Would you recommend this site to your friends? Yes
  • Were any bonuses or comps awarded to you? Yes
  • Were there any problems with the deposit? No
  • Were there any technical issues? No
  • Would you play here again? Yes
  • Did you enjoy the games? Yes, wide selection

Cookie Tracking
  • APCW is testing cookie lengths, if interested in assisting please email:

Payments and Earnings

  • How are payments made?
    • Bank Wire Transfer

  • Earnings