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Articles by John  Marchel

An important blackjack player option

21 May 2016
There are a lot of options for the player when it comes to blackjack. A player can hit, stand, split, double down, take insurance and in some casinos a player can even surrender. However, one of the most powerful player options in the game is knowing when to quit.You can quit playing anytime you wish and for any more
Articles by Mark  Pilarski
Articles by Mark Pilarski

Deal Me In: Blackjack versus Let It Ride

20 May 2016
Dear Mark: I read your column in the Detroit Free Press weekly. My friends and I visit Las Vegas a couple of times a year and frequent the local casinos here in Detroit.I like to stick to playing table games that have a lower house advantage, such as blackjack or craps, but I have some friends that insist on playing Let It Ride, which I can’t more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Exposing hole cards

19 May 2016
Back in February, I relayed a couple of player stories about poker players who were tipping their hole cards.Hole cards aren’t exposed only in poker, though doing so can do you more damage than in games where you’re not playing against other players.Readers have sent me their own tales of exposed cards, in other table games:THAD: Mississippi Stud, it’s not a huge deal, but I can see the cards of the players to my left and right almost every hand I more
Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: Do casinos cheat on video poker?

18 May 2016
Question: In choosing a video poker machine, we are taught to choose a pay table that gives us full pay, such as 9/6 for Double Bonus. A full house has a probability of paying 1 in every 90 hands and quads 1 in every 425 hands, according to studies I have read in magazines and on the Internet. Who is to say that a casino doesn't buy a chip that is programmed to pay out full houses 1 in 200 hands and quads 1 in 700 hands? Even though the pay table is acceptable, the number of times that the winning hands occur is far less frequent. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Answer: Who's to say that a casino doesn't buy a chip like you described? The local gaming more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete

The grass may just be greener

17 May 2016
The saying that the “grass looks greener on the other side” (or variations thereof) has been around a long time, maybe almost as long as grass has been around.The common parlance comes from the idea that many cows are more interested in the grass on the other side of the fence – perhaps the neighbor’s grass – and will stretch their necks out to get some of that great green stuff.It also has to do with being jealous of what other people have until you learn that they might be just as miserable as you.Take your pick as to meanings.In casino gambling, it is quite possible that (like those cows) some players have gotten bored with the grass they have been eating as a steady diet, but they hesitate to stick their necks out to attempt to feed more
Articles by Dan  Podheiser
Articles by Dan Podheiser

Top 10 players to watch vying for their first WSOP bracelet

16 May 2016
The 2016 World Series of Poker kicks off in a few weeks, as tens of thousands of hopeful poker players will compete all summer for 69 different gold bracelets.A poker player's legacy has traditionally been measured by several factors, but perhaps none more important than the number of bracelets he or she has more
Articles by Clare  Fitzgerald
Articles by Clare Fitzgerald

Nevada Gaming Policy Committee gets a lesson in eSports

16 May 2016
The Governor's Gaming Policy Committee held a wide-ranging meeting in Las Vegas on Friday morning to discuss what's looking like the next big thing in the gaming industry: eSports, or competitive video gaming."The eSports industry is projected to exceed $1 billion soon," said Craig Levine, CEO of the Electronic Sports more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

The biggest jackpot stories

15 May 2016
QUESTION: I have a good back-to-back jackpot story to add to your collection. My wife and I had been playing penny video slots and not doing very well. We’d both been losing $10 here, $15 there, and it added up.Finally I told my wife, “If we’re going to lose $100 or more, let’s go for something big.” So we went for the old three-reel games, to a $1 Double Diamond more
Articles by Henry  Tamburin
Articles by Henry Tamburin

The signs of card counting

14 May 2016
I decided this month to answer a question on card counting and then to tell you about an exciting new blackjack book that I just finished reading (which ties in to the question very nicely). The reader’s question was, “How does a casino know that a player is card counting?”There are several ways that casinos can determine if a player is card counting and a threat to their bottom more
Articles by Mark  Pilarski
Articles by Mark Pilarski

Deal Me In: Are players falling in love with this machine?

13 May 2016
Dear Mark: I have a comment on the recent column where the questioner asked, "Is there any chance that the slot machine senses a new player has not been at a particular machine for a specific period, and then pays off initially, then stops paying?" Is this guy serious? A slot machine that can "sense"? Does he live on Planet Earth? Sorry, but I HAD to give you my 2 cents more

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