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Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Bonus Craps Bets

12 October 2014
QUESTION: My friend and I were playing around with the idea side bets, especially craps bets where you get a bonus if you win three times in a row. Maybe you’ve seen something like them. You bet the lucky number, and your bet stays in action until you’ve either won three times in a row or you’ve more
Articles by Martin R Baird
Articles by Martin R Baird

The Customer Service Culture

11 October 2014
For us, the buzz word of the year is “culture.” Every gaming property we meet with doesn’t want a “program.” It wants to create a casino customer service culture. We could be talking with management about a custom casino "Train the Trainer" session or a comprehensive program that includes more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Where'd the Three Reelers Go?

9 October 2014
A recurring theme in my email box is, “Where have all the three-reel games gone?” Modern slot machine floors are dominated by video slots, with estimates of up to 85 percent of casino floors going to video.Still, there is a corps of players who like the reel-steppers that stood virtually alone as slot options into mid-1990s and which still made up the majority of machines into the early more
Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: Changing Slot Paybacks

8 October 2014
I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever that slot machines, especially at the $100 slot level, are adjusted and changed regularly, which is all legal and ethical. Google "can split machines be altered by chip" and you will see evidence in bold print regarding public knowledge of this more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete

Odd Man Out?

7 October 2014
FROM BILL: Hi Frank, I am back again. My question / comment concerns the odds. On page 7 of your book Casino Craps: Shoot to Win, you wrote that a $10 bet lost 14 cents whether there were 2x odds or 100x odds, and the light came on for me.I realized that since the odds are an even money bet I am basically flipping a coin when I use more
Articles by Aaron  Todd
Articles by Aaron Todd

Top-10 home improvement prop bets

6 October 2014
Last weekend, I discovered that our basement carpet was getting wet. After doing some digging, I found a leak in the bathroom sink.One of my least favorite aspects of owning a home is unexpected home improvement projects. My father is an incredibly handy more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Point Spreads in Football

5 October 2014
QUESTION: Now that football has started both in pros and colleges, can you give me a quick refresher at the house edge when you bet on the point spreads? You have to bet an extra 10 percent, so your bet is $110 instead of $100, but how big a house edge does that translate into? Also, what percentage of bets would you have to win to make a profit?ANSWER: The 10 percent vigorish charged on such bets translates to a 4.55 percent house more
Articles by Henry  Tamburin
Articles by Henry Tamburin

Video Poker Questions

4 October 2014
I’m receiving a lot more questions from players on video poker than other games lately, probably because more players are realizing that video poker is a much better gamble than playing slots or most table games. What follows is a sample of questions and my answers.QUESTION: What are the odds of getting a royal flush?ANSWER: I’ve received several questions dealing with the odds of getting a royal more
Articles by Mark  Pilarski
Articles by Mark Pilarski

Deal Me In: Armed and fueled by alcohol is not a good mix

3 October 2014
Dear Mark: Any time you go to a casino, there always seems to be a security guard at the door to greet you. My question is, are there any restrictions about taking firearms into a casino? We hope there are. Sally F.In Belle Starr’s Cowboy Wisdom (1955), “A pair of six-shooters beats a pair of sixes” might make for good prose, but luckily, today’s casinos are not the gambling halls of the 19th-century American more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

New Slots Equal New Betting Strategies

2 October 2014
Strategies for playing slot machines have long been built around conventional wisdoms. “To get the maximum return, bet maximum coins.” “Never play progressive slots without betting the max.” “Slots pay more at higher coin denominations.”But the rise of video slots has broken old conventions, and new conventions require new conventional more

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