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Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: IRS Proposes Changing Slot Jackpot Threshold for W-2G

25 March 2015
Thank you for your recent article about VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals). In the Horseshoe in Baltimore (a Caesars Entertainment property), are their video poker machines VLTs too? They have a few full-pay video poker games. Is it still 99.54% for 9/6 Jacks or Better? I do not want waste my more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete

Sal and Frank Talk the Captain and Craps

24 March 2015
This letter has many questions and comments so I will answer them as they come up.FROM SAL: You are one of my favorite reads. Primarily craps reads. Especially all the words you have written regarding the Captain (God rest his soul). I would have loved to have met him and toss the bones with more
Articles by Aaron  Todd
Articles by Aaron Todd

Top-10 things I learned as a charity poker tournament director

23 March 2015
Last Saturday, I had the honor of serving as tournament director for a charity poker event to benefit a local non-profit organization that my wife is involved in. Everyone involved left feeling like the event was a success; players and event staff went home smiling and we raised a little money for the charity.I was surprised just how exhausted I was at the end, more
Articles by John  Marchel

Seven Steps to Playing the Slots

21 March 2015
When reviewing information about casinos revenue, what they have taken in, based on the amount of table and machines games offered, we find that they receive the most income from slot machines. The American Gaming Association, a casino trade group, reported in their annual survey that 62 percent of all casino visitors played slot machines while only 21 percent played more
Articles by Mark  Pilarski
Articles by Mark Pilarski

Deal Me In: Your chances of busting are not as great as you think

20 March 2015
Dear Mark: Your reference to splitting 10s in the last round of a tournament reminds me of my favorite casino story: Dice isn’t my game (I have only one game—21) but once I stopped by a dice table to witness the last roll in a tournament. One player, who was in the middle of the pack and not likely to win anything, put all his money on the boxcars prop more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Answering Video Poker Questions

19 March 2015
Carl is a video poker player who has written to me off and on for many years. I’ll sometimes go a year or two without hearing from him, but then a question will pop into my email box.In the latest, he wanted to some information about progressive games, where a percentage of each wager is added to the usual 4,000-coin jackpot on royal flushes.“I don’t play close to home as much as I once did,” he more
Articles by John  Robison
Articles by John Robison

Ask the Slot Expert: Can a Cell Phone Affect a Slot Machine?

18 March 2015
Your answer to the slot ticket scam letter was not good. I had this exact problem with a $10 bill in a casino in Colorado. The slot attendant checked the machine and it said the last bill was a $20 bill. I insisted that I put in a $10 more
Articles by Frank  Scoblete
Articles by Frank Scoblete

Other Things and Advantage-Play Slots

17 March 2015
FROM NEIL: Frank, excellent column, excellent advice about doing things other than gambling in casino towns. I'll take in an afternoon show, such as Mac King-highly recommended for all ages.I take my friends to Mt Charleston, Valley of Fire, Red Rock, Fry's more
Articles by Vin  Narayanan
Articles by Vin Narayanan

Top-10 tips for betting the 2015 NCAA Tournament

16 March 2015
The NCAA men's basketball tournament is the single biggest sports wagering event in the United States. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), about $240 million will be wagered in Nevada alone on this year's tournament. By comparison, more than $185 million was wagered on Kentucky Derby more
Articles by John  Grochowski
Articles by John Grochowski

Penny Slots and Roulette Nots

15 March 2015
QUESTION: I live in the Las Vegas area and frequent several locals casinos. I play mostly video poker, but I keep my eyes open as I walk through the casinos. It seems that lately the turnover of penny slot machines has increased, with more titles and themes being introduced more more

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