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Customer Service Training Equals Long Term Benefits

16 August 2014

By Martin R Baird
Recently, I was reminded about one of the greatest benefits of casino customer service training. The outstanding casino customer service it creates can have a long, positive shelf life in guests’ minds. I was also reminded that lack of training can have lasting repercussions.

I was reading an article about a company’s very public social media struggles with its customers. This company was actually fighting with customers on the Internet. Then I was hit by a blast from the past. The article stated that this was one of the more noticeable cases of social media meltdown since Amy’s Baking Co. And there you have it. Amy’s Baking Co. is so notorious for its poor customer dining experience and online fisticuffs with customers that it has become essentially a gold standard for how NOT to treat the very people who are its only chance of staying in business.

I’ve written about Amy’s before. The husband-and-wife couple who own and operate this Scottsdale, Ariz., establishment need training, training, training! And then more training! But don’t take my word for it. Just watch bits and pieces of this “Kitchen Nightmares” episode about Amy’s and you’ll see what I mean. In fact, all you have to do is watch the intro. By the way, this episode aired in May 2013 and generated quite a bit of negative media coverage. There is absolutely a long shelf life involved here if Amy’s is still being referenced a year later.

So what is it about casino customer service training that’s so beneficial? There’s not enough room here to cover it all, so I’ll focus on one thing. Associates – the very people who shape and cultivate the guest gaming experience – learn how to become service superstars. The things they learn are not complicated, but because these keys to service success don’t come to them naturally, employees must go through training.

Here are a few examples of simple, but effective, service techniques. Ask your employees to answer “yes” or “no” to these statements:

When a guest asks for something, I respond immediately.

I am kind to my guests.

I help co-workers who are struggling to provide good service.

I am patient with guests who are older.

When talking with guests, I make sure my voice has a calm, friendly and welcoming tone.

I maintain a positive, can-do attitude as I perform my job.

When a guest walks in the door, I smile and welcome them.

I consider each guest to be of the utmost importance to my casino’s success.

As you can see, great service does not have to be a struggle. And yet, most associates need training to make it a reality on the casino floor. I promise you, when associates with stellar customer service skills work their magic on your customers, that experience will be fondly remembered for a very long time.

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