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You'll Be Back Once You Try "The Terminator" Video Slot

10 July 2005

Not long ago I was walking through the neighborhood casino to the back wall where the new games first appear. There in the farthest corner of the place I saw it - a giant screen on which the words THE TERMINATOR VIDEO SLOT were twirling around, followed by WIN AWESOME JACKPOTS. Then the well known Terminator metal skull with those piercing red eyes appeared and also started twirling around as thousands of codes came up on the screen next to it, followed by the words POWERFUL RELENTLESS UNSTOPPABLE. Then the whole sequence repeated again, while all the while terrific sound effects could be heard in the background.

All in all, it was an amazingly awesome scene - particularly with a pair of elderly grandmas in pastel pants suits sitting at the two Terminator slot games, totally oblivious to the high-tech drama taking place on the sign above them.

IGT has created a neat video slot in The Terminator. It has just the right dark atmosphere, but combined with two funny bonus rounds. The reel symbols include sunglasses, a metal skeleton hand, a fuel truck, a digital phone book with "Sarah Conner" highlighted (remember her son saves the world or something), a German shepherd dog, a raygun and assorted vehicles and robots. The Scatter Pay is the metal skull-head with lit-up red eyes. When the reels spin you catch a snippet of George Thorogood's heavy-metal classic, "Bad To The Bone." I wonder if the grandmas recognized it.

The "Terminator Red Eye Bonus" starts when three or more Terminator Red Eye symbols land in any position on the reels. You can win up to 100 times your initiating line bet. The screen shifts to an urban scene that you're looking at through red eyes - The Terminator's! "Target Locked" appears and you pick your response from those listed, including Take Your Money, You'll Be Back, Back Off, Terminated and Out Of My Way! I picked Back Off and won 150 credits, which turned out to be the lowest amount possible. Then the metal skull appears and turns into flame. Bonus over. Some Terminator I turned out to be!

The "Crush The Terminator Bonus" starts when three of those symbols land on reels 1, 2 and 3. You can win 20 to 1,560 credits multiplied by your initiating line bet. During this bonus there are six possible rounds. The first five rounds begin with six tiles at the bottom of the screen. Each tile hides a weapon, a "Throw Em All!" symbol or the red-eyed metal skull-head of the Terminator. If you select a weapon, the game awards the credit value associated with that weapon and you move on to the next round. If you select a tile that reveals "Throw Em All!" the game awards all credit values available during the round and you move on again. If you choose the metal skull-head the round ends. Now if you make it all the way to the sixth and final round, you get to push the "Crush" button and take out the legendary bad guy. The revealed credit value is added to the bonus value.

When five The Terminator symbols land in any position with the max bet, you take home the top progressive award.

Is it weirder to imagine the governor of California immortalized as a made-for-movies killer robot in a video slot machine, or is it weirder to imagine a made-for-movies killer robot immortalized as the governor of California? Either way, once you play The Terminator video slots, YOU'LL BE BACK.

Until next time, enjoy Life Among The Slots.