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United Coin Machine changes name to Century Gaming Technologies

15 July 2014

LAS VEGAS -- Slot route operator United Coin Machine Company has changed its name to Century Gaming Technologies to reflect the name of its corporate parent and capitalize on changes made to the company’s product offerings.

Under United Coin, the company operates 3,250 slot machines in 440 bars, taverns, restaurants and other locations in Southern Nevada. Century Gaming’s slot machine route operation in Montana covers 325 locations and 3,950 games.

The slot route operator is best known in Nevada for its Gamblers Bonus players club program, which is nearing its 20th year. In 2013, United Coin launched Power Vision, a line of interactive multigame slot machines and systems geared toward tavern and bar customers.

Century Gaming CEO Steve Arntzen said the name change “better reflects” the products offered in both Nevada and Montana.

“This centralization not only streamlines operations to realize significant economies of scale for the company,” Arntzen said, “it encourages implementation of best practices and policies that combine to make Century products smarter and far more advanced.”

Previously, the company operated as Century Gaming in Montana and United Coin Machine in Nevada. Combined, the company employs more than 250 people in two states.

The company recently launched several technical upgrades; Game Tender, which allows for continual monitoring, faster bonus awarding and up-to-the-minute data of the company’s gaming machines, and i3, which allows cash for play at any gambling establishment where Century operates the games.

The system was recently installed at 54 Rebel gasoline stations and convenience stores in Southern Nevada.

Arntzen said the system helps convenience store employees and owners.

“Our system provides valuable marketing information to management while delivering strong technology support to convenience store clerks who don’t have the ability to have direct one-on-one contact with key players,” he said.

Arntzen said Century Gaming plans to add 11 new games to its Power Vision multigame, multidenominational machine. Power Vision features video poker games, video slots and keno titles with multipliers and bonus rounds.

“Our ultimate goal is to deepen player engagement and loyalty,” Arntzen said.