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Soap Opera Slot Offers Drama, Intrigue, and a Lot of Fun

28 August 2004

I don't watch soap operas because I know I'd be hopelessly hooked. I put them in the same category as popcorn--one taste and I'm a goner, or rather the entire bag is. So I just leave the soaps turned off.

However, on a recent tour of Kansas City casinos I found a way to indulge this potential addiction--and possibly win a few bucks. It's the Soap Opera slot machine by Bally Gaming.

This crazy nine-line, five-coins-per-line game has all the plot twists and turns, deceptions, dark secrets and glamour of a real TV soap. The cast of characters includes a scheming woman whose multiple husbands die mysteriously, a private eye armed with a camera and a corrupt judge who's more than willing to have his palm greased in order to settle a case. The game comes complete with familiar soap-opera music (heavy on the organ), dramatic voice-overs and subplots--the biggest one being whether or not you'll hit a jackpot in the midst of all these frantic goings-on.

Lust and Luck

Soap Opera's symbols are hilariously symbolic of typical soap-style situations and characters. There's a wedding cake, a martini and cigar, a suitcase full of money and airline tickets, a gavel, a stork with a baby in a bundle, an ambulance-chasing attorney, a heart, an evil-looking woman gazing in a mirror, a handsome doctor, a glamourous woman in a strapless gown and a 1950s-looking TV with "Soap Opera" on the screen.

Line up three storks on a payline to hit the Stork Mystery Pay Bonus. Is the mystery who's the father, or how many bonus credits you might win (up to 200 times your bet)?

If the characters Duke and Lara appear on a payline with a heart, you win the Duke and Lara Love Mystery Pay Bonus. Again, what's the mystery? Is it will Duke and Lara get married and live happily ever after, or is it how many bonus credits can you win (up to 100 times your bet)? The award appears in the now-pounding heart, as Duke and Lara turn to face each other and blow smooches. Awwww it's really sweet.

Three bonus rounds

If three TV symbols show upon a payline, get set, you've won the Soap Opera bonus! One of three bonus rounds will appear. In the Jury Bonus, you play the role of a scheming widow on trial for allegedly murdering her rich husband. Which jurors may be more likely to take pity on a poor little widow lady? You pick from a real cross-section of society, actually hoping they say "Guilty" so you can rack up the bonus credits. If one juror says "Not Guilty" the round ends. Pick all 12 jurors and win an extra bonus.

In the Infidelity Bonus (great name, huh?) you are a private eye scoping out the neighborhood to find the illicit lovers. The screen pictures a street lined with a variety of houses. Select houses for bonus credits, but if you hit "Out of Film," it's all over. Pick all 12 houses and win an additional bonus.

The third bonus game possibility is the Black Widow Bonus in which you are a widow, now looking for a rich new husband. You select from a motley crew of wealthy bachelors, looking for those who hopefully will die. Yes, it's rather gruesome but in Soap Opera World that's life. Bonus points accumulate with each "late" husband you pick unless you hit "True Love At Last" which in this case is not a happy ending (you could have continued picking bachelors and earning credits!).

I enjoyed the Soap Opera slot for its funny graphics, predictable "plot lines" and overall creativity. I would have liked to have won more, but I say that with every slot I play. Happily after a while my companion found me and said it was time to go. Like the sentimental, over-the-top, serialized dramas themselves, the Soap Opera slot could have hooked me in. I cashed out just in time.