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Milk Money Slot is a MOOving Experience!

14 November 2004

Recently in Tunica I experienced the most fun 15 minutes in recent memory playing WMS Gaming's Milk Money video slot. I was attracted to this game because of the tall, attention-getting cabinet and the sounds coming out of it--moos, cowbells and reggae music! Each time I sought out this slot, someone was playing it, so I figured it must be a great game. Finally I stalked the machine for several minutes to make sure the next player would be me. Sure enough, Milk Money IS a great game!

I think I laughed from the moment I sat down until I left (it was one of those very rare occasions when I was quite a bit ahead). I don't know what cows and reggae music have to do with each other but it's a hilarious combination. Much of the time I just sat and watched the show on the screen before me!

The stars of the slot are Helfina and Bovina, a coupla cows with an attitude. Their faces are two of the game's symbols, along with chocolate chip cookies, a dairy barn, cowbell, milk bottles, milk canisters, a glass of chocolate milk--and pink cow udders (yes, just the udders), the Udderly Wild symbol. When three or more cow-face symbols land on an active pay line, the Milking For The Money Bonus begins. The screen switches to the opening of the barn doors where Helfina and Bovina are standing up, leaning against a post dancing, udders shaking to the Jamaican beat. It's quite a sight! You select one of the bouncing bovines, who drops through a trap door down into the milking machine. It's quite a piece of work: a home-made-looking contraption made of plungers and a bucket and probably paper clips and duct tape. You certainly would not want to get caught in it! All the while a crazy reggae song plays in the background with lyrics to inspire the milk-filled cow ("Hey mon, are you ready for some milk money??").

Next to the machine are six empty milk bottles. You choose three of them, and hope the cow fills them up to the top because the more milk, the more moolah. Also within this round, if any of the bottles are filled with chocolate or strawberry milk, you'll earn two or three times the credits. And if a bottle is filled with eggnog, you can pick another bottle to fill for extra credits. It's a bonus you'll want to milk for all it's worth!

The second bonus feature is the outrageous Cow Race, which starts when the Cow Race symbol appears on the first and fifth reels. Again, pick a cow, any cow, to be the winner. After you've made your pick, two credit awards are revealed, one for a win and one for second place. Get ready, get set, GO and the cows race each other on the bottom half of the screen. Cheer on your runner as they race across the screen for a photo finish. At the end of the race you'll see the photo that reveals the winner. If your cow was the fastest, you earn the "win" pay, otherwise you'll collect the second place pay.

Milk Money is so fun and funny, I could play it 'til the cows come home (or 'til the money runs out). I congratulate the mad genius who created this slot machine. Look for it at a casino near you!

(By the way, I want to thank the Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Gold Strike Hotel for their hospitality during my visit to their marvelous casino mecca!)