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Life Among the Slots: Oh, Those Sexy Slots!

21 March 2004

Some people think gambling is sinful. Some people think the same thing about sex (if it's not between two people who are married to each other). So if you want to indulge in two so-called sins simultaneously, I recommend playing Risque' Business video slots by IGT.

I have to admit, I'm not easily shocked, but even I gasped a little at this stripper-themed nickel slot's suggestiveness, despite the fact that the characters are cartoons! But this nine-line, 10-coin game is so clever and fun to play, who cares if it pushes the limits a little?

Strip club setting

Risque' Business takes place in a strip club, so the symbols include money, a plush chair with a brassier draped over it (the lap dance room?), high heels, lingerie, a martini, a beer stein, a sleazy DJ, bowtie, jockstrap, cufflinks--and the four stars of the show, strippers Rod (a Fabio type), Lance (a macho construction worker), dark-haired Trixie and blond Kitty. You can touch a stripper symbol to change the character--Rod for Lance, Kitty for Trixie.

Another symbol is an ATM machine, which I guess you need at a strip club for a steady supply of bills to tip the dancers by sticking them into g-strings or thongs. When three or more of these symbols appear, the ATM Bonus starts. Pick one of the symbols to collect bonus credits as money flies out of the machine. You get to see what you could have won (I always appreciate this in a slot game) and best of all, there's no transaction fee.

Rod removes it all

Behind every spin you'll hear "LeFreak" by Chic, but the music gets raunchier during the Strip Tease Bonus. Think Gypsy Rose Lee. This is the ultimate bonus and you win it when three or more of the stripper symbols land on a play line on consecutive reels.

"Choose your dancer!" says emcee, and you get to pick a male or female stripper. For the sake of research, the first time I hit the bonus I chose Rod of the long, blond mane. The screen transformed into a strip-club stage, and there was Rod in the spotlight with six female patrons waving money at him in the front row.

"The more clothes the dancer takes off, the more credits you can win!" That's the point--how far will the strippers strip? Oh, yeah--and earning bonus points.

Well, Rod started bumping and grinding and suddenly it was hard to pay attention to the directions. What? Oh, right, pick three audience members to start the action. Each patron has a credit-point value and if the total value of the three you pick exceeds the points required for Rod to strip, then he takes something off and you pick three more as points accumulate.

On and on it goes--I mean off and off. Along the way the lady emcee shouts, "He looks great in and out of those pants!" "Ladies I hope you don't have a weak heart!" "He's definitely one bad boy!" and equally nasty stuff. Rod removed his clothes, all the way down to a tiny thong--then I beat the points again. I held my breath as he took off…his wig! I finally exhaled, and won an extra bonus thanks to Rod going all the way. Whew!

Lance's turn

The stripper symbols came up again and I chose...Lance. Hey, it's research! The same routine began, with Lance onstage and ladies waving bills in the audience. The lady emcee shouted a lot of the same come-ons as Lance the construction worker removed his shirt, his undershirt and pants, down to a little bitty thong, wouldn't you know it. Then I beat the required points and Lance removed...his hardhat! Then it happened again and he...well, you just have to play for yourself to find out! Once again I got a generous bonus thanks to old Lance leaving little to the imagination.

Next time I got the Strip Tease Bonus I actually picked Trixie (okay, there were no men left). She appeared in the spotlight as six men waved their money at her. The emcee said, "Hang on tight! Maybe a little later she'll make things disappear for you!" and "This little girl needs a spanking!" as Trixie removed her gloves, garter and more.

When your points don't beat the requirement, the bonus is over, and that's what happened for me when Trixie was onstage. No big deal except for the points I could have earned.

Risque' Business is definitely not a game for the uptight. It absolutely is an adult slot.

I can just imagine the IGT designers enjoying themselves at various strip clubs in the name of research--just like I did playing the Risque' Business slot machine!