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Get Set for Football Season with Tailgate Party

3 October 2004

With college and NFL football gearing up once again, it's Tailgate Party time! But maybe you've wondered how to enjoy tailgating while watching the game at your favorite casino. Easy-play the Tailgate Party video reel slot machine.

IGT's 5-reel, 9-line game is funny and fun to play with its clever cartoon graphics and inspired bonus rounds. All the action takes place with the infectious football party song, "Get Ready For This" by 2 Unlimited, constantly in the background (you'll know it when you hear it). Among the symbols are hilarious action caricatures of typical football fans, like a guy barbecuing with such passion his hot wiener flies out of the bun and a fan jumping up and down with such enthusiasm he loses his balance completely.

The Bar-B-Q Blitz Bonus is just a riot. When three or more of those symbols land in any position, the screen shows the back of a pickup truck (tailgate down of course) and three empty plates. "Hope you're hungry!" says the announcer, as you pick three food items per plate, including pizza, chili fries, tacos, popcorn, onion rings, cheeseburgers ("These burgers are good!"), beer ("Beer's here!") and others. When the plates are filled, the value of each item is revealed. You get the highest one per plate and the total's added to your credits. Then the tailgate is shut and truck roars away.

Down but not out

When three or more clipboard symbols land on a payline, the First and Ten Bonus kicks in. A field appears on the screen, plus several play sketches from the secret playbook. "What are you gonna do, coach?" asks an anxious player. You pick the play and watch your team actually put it into action. As the team heads down the field the game multiplies your bet by the numbers of yards the team gains. You'll hear tense announcers say, "We're in a third down situation!" among other things. If the team makes a field goal or touchdown, you get more bonus credits. Blimps fly, crowds scream--it's actually very exciting!

Finally there's the Cheerleader Bonus, which you get when two or more symbols land on the same horizontal payline on both the first and fifth reels. The saucy cheerleaders come alive and dance while the game awards you a bonus based on your bet and multiplier.

Here's my forecast: I predict players will get a real kick out of Tailgate Party for many football seasons to come!