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Enter Another Dimension with Twilight Zone Slots

4 March 2005

I'm sure a lot of you can remember nervously watching "Twilight Zone" on TV, waiting anxiously for that mind-blowing plot twist or that scary deformed monster to show up. IGT's Twilight Zone video slot does involve some moments of anxiety, but mostly in the form of wondering when a bonus will hit and how much you might win.

The Twilight Zone slot is one of IGT's TV Hits games, based on classic TV shows from the 1950s and 60s. It's a gorgeous-looking machine with the Twilight Zone logo in a free-form shape at the top and a mysterious twirling orb-like doodad in the upper cabinet bonus wheel. And of course there's Rod Serling, the host of the game.

In fact, Rod is one of the reel symbols, along with a clock, a lady with a camera eye, a floating window, green dinosaur, space ship, clock, eye (the scatter pay symbol), Bonus Zone orb and various scary deformed monsters. What's neat is when certain symbols land, they do creepy sci-fi things. For example, the clock's hands turn faster and faster until the clock explodes; the eye blinks and moves around; and the floating window opens onto another floating window which opens onto another floating window which opens

And of course, during the game you'll hear that familiar Twilight Zone music as well as Rod saying all the classic catch phrases like, "A journey to the other side of imagination," "another dimension of time and space" and "the land between shadow and substance."

The slot has two main bonus rounds. Maybe you can recall the episode about a camera that took pictures of the future. You know your future will include bonus credits when the camera symbol lands on reels 1, 2 and 3 of a played line, because that means you've hit the Future Photo Bonus. Make the prediction come true by touching one of the camera symbols to win 25 to 500 credits multiplied by your line bet.

The second bonus, the Bonus Zone, starts when you line up Bonus Zone orb symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3 of a played line. Select one of the symbols to win free spins on the bonus wheel. You also could win two other bonus games within the Bonus Zone. Enter the Free Spin Zone for additional spins of the wheel, or the Dimension Bonus where you choose one of the six windows that appear on the screen to win bonus credits.

And if you line up five Twilight Zone symbols on the 25th payline with the maximum bet you'll win the MegaJackpots Instant Winner top award.

Since the Twilight Zone is a penny slot I could afford to play for quite a while, until I began to feel I had entered another dimension. I guess I wish the game had more things going on; for example, I would like to have seen some clips from favorite episodes worked in (the tiny U.S.A. astronauts, the woman who gets a new face, William Shatner in the airplane, etc.). But it's still enjoyable to play, so I recommend you make your next stop the Twilight Zone video slot.